Coconut Oil makeup remover

12 Feb

Coconut Oil Makeup Remover

As I mentioned a previous post, Coconut Oil Conditioner,  there are SO many uses for Coconut Oil and for this post I’ll focus on using it as makeup remover.  The way I use it is super easy & requires just 1 thing……you guessed it…the Coconut Oil.  I just melt a little in my hand (you don’t need much) and then dab on my face/eyes etc.  Then gently wipe off with a warm cloth. The price is pretty awesome too: You can get a jar of coconut oil for under 10 buckaroos and it’ll last a long time. (And remember there are like 1000 uses for this stuff)

Now, I’m a 1-2 step kind of DIY girl most of the time, so this is my method because its…1 step. However, there are other ways to use it as a makeup remover that are just a few extra steps, like the one featured on adelynStone.

Whatever your preference, it’s fabulous. In a nutshell, works great, smells great & inexpensive.


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