Easy Frozen Yogurt Bites

1 Mar

When I have a snack attack, I transform from a happy person into testy T-Rex scavenging for food.  I refer to this metamorphosis as …”Rexin”. Those who know me are all too familiar with this term, so of course, my sister , who knows me the best, had to share this snack recipe with me.

I was pleasantly surprised when I realized this snack is quick, easy and is made with something that’s  NOT bad for you; yogurt. Not only are they not bad, these lil’ frozen goodies actually have health benefits, so this is what I consider a Win-Win!

To make these you’ll need: Ziploc Baggie, Yogurt, Parchment Paper & Cookie Tray

  • Step One: Cut a small hole in the Ziploc bag where the tip is
  • Step Two: Fill Baggie with Yogurt
  • Step Three: Make Dots of Yogurt on Parchment Paper (on cookie Tray)
  • Step Four: Freeze uncovered 
  • Step Five: Eat them, guilt free.within reason of course, let’s not get gluttonous folks 😉
PS: They melt fairly fast – the way ice cream does so don’t leave them at room temp too long FrozenYogurt
The pics & recipe are  courtesy of my lovely sister, Janelle…or Janellie Belly if I were still in 4th grade, which somedays…I mentally am. She is very creative and comes up with some really cool DIY projects and I’m hoping to convince her to share some of her tips & tricks on here later on. 😉 Thanks Janelle for this tasty treat; you rock!

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