DIY Pet Treat Mason Jars

15 Mar


Who knew pooch treats could be stored in a way that’s actually cute?!? I found this Pet Project at & thought it was such a clever idea.


Now if my dog, Pickles, could refrain from shredding paper towels, eating the cat’s toy mice or barking at the invisible man… he might get a treat or 2 😉

(PS Pickles, the nerd to the left,  is a young dog who was an unplanned rescue. I didn’t need another pooch, but he was so pitiful I had to take him in. He has some work to do on his manners, but don’t worry, he’s spoiled rotten & I love the little rascal. Plus, he’s mastered the  “I’m pathetic and need a snack” look, so he’ll get a treat regardless) 

On to the project….

What is this DIY Pet Project For?

Use these DIY Pet Mason Jars to store:


  • Pet Treats
  • Pet Food
  • Cotton Balls & Q-Tips
  • Pet Supplies

Supplies You Need

  • Plastic Animals
  • Mason Jars
  • Spray Paint (colors of your choice)
  • Super Glue
  • Duck Tape

Here are the instructions:

Step One

The first step is to prep these since they are going to be used for pet food storage. Wash both the jar and the lids with hot water and soap. Allow them to dry.

Step Two

You want to really make sure that NO spray paint is able to get inside of the jars, so that you don’t risk it getting in the food. Tape the inside of the lids as a precautionary measure. (Even though you will only spray paint them on one side.

Step Three

Glue the plastic animal to the top of the lid, positioning it where you want it. Hold for about 15 seconds.

Step Four

Head outside and start with one layer of spray paint and allow it to dry for 2-3 minutes. Apply additional layers as needed and allow them to dry.

Step Five

Once you’ve completed spray painting all of your lids with the animals attached, let them sit in a ventilated area for about 24-48 hours to let the fumes evaporate and to ensure that all paint dries BEFORE adding any treats or food.

Visit IrresistiblePets for more DIY Pet Projects.




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    Thank you for sharing my post!


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