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DIY Natural (No BS) Body Butter

14 Jul

MOMACEUTICALSAwhile back, I mentioned that I make my own body butter after reading up on all the chemicals that are in most store bought products and since then I’ve had several requests to share my recipe. Well, todays the day I’ll pass it along to you. I call this my “NO BS BODYCARE” because it doesn’t contain any  …..bad stuff.;)

Knowledge is power as they say and after I realized all the junk they put in beauty products, I decided to just start making my own. I wondered if I could really make products that were anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, provide great moisture & smell great...the verdict, yes it’s possible with just a few, simple ingredients.  I found some basic recipes, researched the individual ingredients & then tweaked them to suit my needs and this is my version. If you want to know more about the benefits, I list them at the bottom of this post.

Treats very dry skin/ezcema & rashes: My daughter had dry skin/ezcema, so I was having to apply lotion all the time & none of it really did the trick. Sure, it would make her skin soft but the dry patches were still there & the eczema never went away…I felt terrible for her. That’s where this body butter comes into play, it’s only a few natural ingredients so it’s safe, it’s an awesome moisturizer that keeps her skin soft longer than lotion & this recipe makes a big batch so I can slather it on her all I want. Her skin was also prone to infection since her eczema would crack, so I add Tea Tree Essential oil to her batch because it’s a natural disinfectant. Since using this butter daily (in addition to altering a few things in her diet) she no longer has eczema  flare ups, hasn’t had another skin infection and her skin has never looked better; yea!

What has the experience of making my own body care products been like? Honestly, it can be a tad messy if you’re not careful & takes up a little time, but to me the end result is worth it. This body butter is the best moisturizer that I’ve used and I feel comfortable using it on myself & my family because it only has a few ingredients. Better yet, I can create the base & add any essential oil I want, so I have several lovely scents in my cabinets 🙂


Here are the supplies you’ll need:

  • Double Boiler OR I just use a saucepan & glass jar
  • Mixer
  • Mixer Safe Bowl

Here are the ingredients needed:
(see instructions for substitutions if you don’t have all of these) 

Where to get the ingredients: I picked my ingredients up at my local health store, Good Life Nutrition Company, who carry a great variety of natural products. I really enjoy shopping here because there are a million products out there,which can sometimes make deciding what to use confusing, but they have knowledgeable staff that can answer all of my questions. If not local, you can also find these products at your local health store or online, just make sure you get a good, quality product.


IMG_0509Instructions: (Photo examples below) 

  • Fill saucepan about 1/3 full with water & put on medium heat
  • Combine all ingredients, except for the essential oils, into a glass bowl. I actually resuse a mason jar.
  •  As ingredients start to soften, stir mixture until completely melted
  • Once melted, turn heat off & let mixture cool for a little while (I let it sit for prob 15 mins)
  • If using a mason jar, pour into mixing bowl & then put in fridge for about an hour. if using a bowl, you can obviously skip the pouring step & put the bowl right in the fridge. After an hour the mix will be firmed up on top, yet still soft inside.
  • Whip with hand mixer until fluffy (10 mins or so). About 1/2 way through the mixing, once it’s getting fluffy, I add the essential oils & finish fluffing it. Note: I’ve also used my stand mixer for this DIY also but since I make this so often, it became easier to have a designated bowl for making home products, so I use the hand mixer method now.
  • Once fluffy, scrape mix out into glass jars. I buy those cute, wide mouth mason jars with lids. I personally love them & if you choose to use some of the mix as gifts, you’re gonna look like superwoman for whippin’ up such a fab looking body butter.
  • I then put back in the fridge for few hours (in the summer when my house is warmer) &  once it’s firmed up I just leave it out in my cabinet. If you house is over 75 degrees you may want to consider refrigerating yours more often so it won’t become liquidy.


Benefits: (just a few, there are SO many benefits to each ingredient, but I’m going to just touch on some of the broad ones)

Shea Butter:

  • Great, Natural Moisturizer
  • Anti Aging Properties
  • Anti-inflammatory properties known to heal scrapes, cuts and burns; relieve sunburn and rashes; take the sting out of insect bites; and ease the pain from muscle fatigue and arthritis. (Livestrong

Coconut Oil:

  • Retains skin moisture
  • Anti Aging properties
  • Anti Microbial-Protects from infection, good for eczema acne &  psoriasis (OrganicFacts) 

Sweet Almond Oil: 

  • Healthier Skin: it’s rich in vitamin A, B and E, which are great for skin health
  • Improves Complexion & glow
  • soothes skin  (Stylecraze)

Essential Oils:
There are so many Essential Oil benefits, but they vary depending on which one you use. Click HERE for a handy chart that lists what each oil smells like etc.


*The essential oils & shea butter were donated by GoodLifeNutrition Co but my opinions are all my own.


Antioxidants are your friend

3 Apr


DIY Teeth Brushing Chart

22 Mar

 Teaching your kiddos to brush their teeth regularly is so important;  not doing so leads to plaque, which leads to cavities and makes gums sore & unable to hold the teeth.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I meet someone, their smile is one of the first things I notice (maybe that’s why I’m a bit of a spaz about brushing, flossing, disinfecting, whitening, brushing again…..haha)
Anyway, here’s a creative way to remind your kiddos to brush their teeth.

Head over to Dukes&Duchesses for the instructions.

Found the cute “Brush Your Teeth” Printable at 30HandmadeDays

FYI: Since I work in dental marketing,  I talk about teeth All. The. Time, so this post should come as no surprise 😉

“Cool” Tip: DIY Icepack

7 Mar


Here’s a good Icepack “recipe” for athletes, moms or anyone who is accident prone like myself.  You can make several homemade ice packs for a fraction of the cost of one store bought ice pack and the instructions are super simple.

You will need:

  • Ziploc Bag
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Water

(I would advise you use a good quality storage bag, like Hefty or Ziploc, so it doesn’t leak. I personally use the kind with the slider, but you can use whatever kind you like, as long as it stays sealed)

  • Pour 1 part rubbing alcohol to 3 parts water in the bag
  • Put in freezer
  • Jam to “Ice-Ice Baby” 
  • Ta-Da! 

The alcohol keeps the water from freezing so the bag gets really cool but you can still manipulate it.  Cool trick right? (yes, pun intended)

(Side note: It’s been suggested, by more than one friend, that I invest in some kneepads/ helmet due to my high fall rate. At this point it’s not a bad idea and if I end up investing in the suggested protective gear, you can expect a DIY Chevron Kneepad tutorial shortly after my purchase.)

Ciao for now,

DIY Ear Mite Treatment

6 Feb


Ok, Mites are gross, I know, and they aren’t exactly an awesome topic of conversation BUT  I wanted to share this tip for my fellow pet lovers. If your furballs get ear mites, there is a super easy way to get rid of them using an everyday product; Corn Oil. The oil smothers the mites, soothes the animals skin & speeds up healing.

This is all you have to do:

  • Put a few drops of corn oil in your pets ears & massage it in
  • Clean it with a cotton ball
  • Repeat for 3 days
  • Give them a snack (my own personal step) …..assuming they didn’t destroy anything that day 😉

Use Peroxide to disinfect toothbrush

27 Jan

Disinfect ToothbrushI’ve worked in the dental industry for years, which has turned me into a bit of a germaphobe. Even if you’re not a geek about teeth like me, it’s still not a bad idea to disinfect your toothbrush every now & then, before it’s time to replace altogether (on average about every 4 months till they need replaced)

It’s so simple, only 1 step! :
Just soak the toothbrush in some Hydrogen Peroxide for about 5 minutes.
That’s all you’ve gotta do.

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